THE LEAGUE: Entry to the League Competition will be by team entry in the Skip’s name with a minimum of two other players named. This must be in the Secretary’s hands by the closing date advised to all Club members. The Secretary will be used as a “clearing house” for individuals who wish a team place, and for incomplete teams. This in no way relieves the responsibility of the individual team members to seek out their own arrangements to their own satisfaction.

There will be a reserve list for members unable to find a team place, or to make a commitment to regular curling, but ANY curler may play as a substitute, up to the position of the player they are replacing. It would be expected, however, that a member looking for a substitute would enquire of the reserve list for a player of similar ability, before going out with the club, and a substitute should only be taken from another team as a last resort.

If a substitute has to be taken from another team, that player may only play at lead or second.

The league structure will be as follows:

1) The Committee will select the best ten teams put forward and these will form the 1st division.

2) The 2nd 3rd and 4th divisions will be similarly selected.

3) Each team will play the others in their division once. Two points for a win, one point for a peel. This will result in rankings at the end of the 1st half of the season.

4) After rankings have been determined, 3 teams will be promoted and 3 relegated.

5) There will be no carry-over of points from the 1st half to the 2nd half of the season. There will be prizes for all division winners and trophies for the 2nd half league winners.

6) When deciding the league structure, the general committee will make every effort to ensure that if, in theory, promotion has been earned at the end of the previous season, that promotion will be applied, if possible, on the subsequent season. Promotion will be considered to be at end season, the same arrangement as at mid-season (3 up).

7) In all league games, ends and shots will count towards final placing, after points. Reform games will be 10 ends or the bell, whichever is the sooner. Please ensure all cards are accurately filled out and returned, either to the Competition Secretary or to the holder provided near the score sheet on the notice board.

THE GREENACRES CUP: Knockout competition

THE CHALLENGE TROPHY: A pool of 6 members of the Reform Club may form a team for the Challenge Trophy. Some challenges are pre-arranged and are printed in the card. This does not prevent any club member from issuing a challenge at any intervening time. The Competition Secretary should be kept informed so that the notice board can be kept up to date.

The skip of the challenging team should issue his/her challenge to the holder direct.

It is the responsibility of the challenging skip to find ice at a time and place convenient to the current holders. (In the event of a dispute the competition secretary will act as arbiter. If he feels that holders are failing to accept reasonable offers on more than 2 occasions he can order the challenge to succeed by default).

Match duration may be 10 ends or time depending on the conditions. Don’t forget challenge matches can be played outdoors if ice is available.

A team defeating the holders immediately become the holders themselves. They do not win the trophy however until they have defended it twice. A peel is considered an adequate defence. Challengers have to win the match. Their names are then engraved on the trophy and the challenge passes to 2 new teams.

DOUBLES COMPETITION: The ice for a doubles competition will be allocated for 8 pairs with a high road and low road winner whose pair will be accorded prizes and a trophy. The high road and low road runners up will also receive prizes at the dinner. The format for this competition will be based on “mixed” doubles, but for the Reform competition, gender will be immaterial.

POINTS: Greenacres. Province Ice.

THE BRAEHEAD CUP: Reform teams playing in the Braehead Super League