The Prague Reformer
The events of the trip were recorded in a Newsletter, the pages of which can be viewed or downloaded from the following links:
Reform Touring Club were encouraged by reports of the new curling facility in Prague to make that their next destination.  Budget  flights were available from Edinburgh to Prague and a small group made their way to Prague in March 2007 to check out the rink and hotel etc.  The rink was a 4 sheeter, located some 15 minutes from the city
centre, with a metro station close by, and the Globus Hotel within easy walking distance. The recce group found themselves in a 32 team international bonspeil, the standard of which was extremely high.  Players from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Russia were participating, and the Reform Teams came
in a reasonably creditable 11th and 12th place.  The quality of the facility quite superb and the trip in October was on!
42 curlers and supporters flew from Edinburgh, the trip this time including a day tour of the City of Prague before the curling competition got underway.  In order to make up 16 teams, some local teams were invited to participate.  These were players of the highest calibre, playing on excellent ice and proved their abilities by ending consistently high in the results tables with Team Chaloupek winning the overall event.  The highest up Reform Team was Team McFarlane.  Off the ice, trips into the City Centre were easy by metro and, providing access to numerous restaurants and other places of interest.
A great source of amusement, although not to the gentleman concerned, was a non appearance of Bob Cowan's suitcase on the outward flight, requiring rapid arrangements to be made from the socks upwards.  The case did appear after 3 days and then successfully made the journey home, the contents virtually unused.
The tour concluded with a Banquet in the Hotel Globus, when the prizes were awarded.  Kenny Thomson spoke in Czech to the hosts, and was applauded enthusiastically for his efforts.
The success of the trip, on all fronts, was due largely to the considerable assistance provided by Karel Kubeska, the President of the Czech Curling Association.  A small presentation was made to him at the closing Banquet.