The league operates in 2 halves, either side of the New Year break.  At the end of the first half, generally there are promotions of 3 up, 3 down, resulting in a good mix of opposition in each half.  Prizes are on offer for winners of each half, the main trophies being awarded to the second half winners.

A strong feature of the results structure is the rounding up of ends played to reflect a 10 end match, eg if a match completes after 8 ends with 4 ends won by each team, the results will show 5 ends won to each team. Blank ends are also calculated into the mix. The formula has been developed to encourage games to “go the distance”, rather than to have an early finish if the game is one sided.

On the league tables, a red infill with -1 showing on the points won indicates a postponed game, with a result outstanding.

The league structure varies each season, depending on the number of participants.  The format is decided at the Skip’s meeting in May, which determines the playing format and club representatives for the following season.  See the Club History for more information